1. What is Job Shack?
Job Shack is a national online lead data company for the construction Industry. Our mission is to provide our users easy access to relevant business information that answers questions and solves problems including in-depth information on thousands of construction projects across the U.S.
2. How do I contact Job Shack? By Phone: 412-429-4498 Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm, Eastern Time
By Email:  info@job-shack.com
3. Do you offer a trial?
We do offer a trial subscription. For just $5.99, you can start a subscription to the Job Shack website and have access to project and contact data. After 3 days, if you have not contacted us to stop the trial, you will be upgraded to a monthly subscription and be billed the $59.99 cost of the monthly plan. There are no term commitments and you may cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied.
4. How much does it cost to become a member of Job Shack?
Our basic plan is pay as you go. You will be billed $59.99 monthly, and you may cancel the monthly subscription at any time. You get access to the Job Shack site including projects and contact information. We also offer quarterly and one-year subscription with a monthly savings of 10% to 15% for months commitment. All pricing is for site usage for a single user.
5. Do you offer an annual subscription?
Job Shack now offers an annual subscription on a 1- year contract pay as you go plan at a savings of 15% per year.
6. How is my region defined?
All Job Shack members have access to all U.S states.
7. What do I get when I become a member of Job Shack?
You receive access to an online database of planned construction activity. You will receive the information for the contacts handling the projects, including phone, fax, email, mailing address for project managers and contractors.
 8. How do I bid on a project?
There is no one specific process for bidding on a construction project. Bidding procedures and related documentation can vary widely from one project to another. The invitation to bid or request for proposals will denote which process to follow in order to put your bid together. Some of the commonly used AIA contract documents can be found at http://www.aia.org/docs_default.
Other helpful resources can be found at www.constructionbook.com
The first step to bidding a project involves introducing your company and providing relevant qualifications. If the entity that is handling the bidding process decides that you are qualified to bid on the work, they will contact you directly with an invitation to bid. It is at this point that you will be made aware of the specific bidding requirements, schedule, documents etc. It is important to remember that Job Shack simply provides you with information on projects that are in the planning and bidding stages. We do not involve ourselves in the projects directly. It is up to you to make contact directly with the developers and contractors that are working on the projects and making the decisions.
9. Can I share my account?
You may not share your account information with anyone. Sharing your account information is against our licensing policy. Job Shack does employ a variety of methods to ensure user licenses are not violated. If a violation is found, you may be subject to additional fees and account termination.
10. Do you have plans and specifications?
 There is no need to pay for plans and specs these days. Today you can easily get them from architects, general contractors, owners, developers and plan rooms for free.
11. How do I submit a project?
 If you have a commercial project you would like to submit please send it to plans@naccpartners.com and we will post the project for you.
12. Do I have to pay any additional fees beyond the subscription cost?
There are no hidden fees or costs with Job Shack. Your monthly or annual subscription cover all costs associated with using the Job Shack web site.
13. Is it safe to give Job Shack my payment information online?
Job Shack uses state of the art security to protect your information. We use www.verisign.com and www.Authorize.net that encrypts all of your personal information.