4 Benefits of Using Social Media For Construction

The construction industry is one industry that has been very hesitant to fully embrace social media. While we have seen many construction professionals and businesses finally begin to engage on social media, many don’t understand the benefits of building and maintaining an online presence.

Here are 4 benefits of using social media for construction:

1. Branding

Social media is great way to brand your company and build a branded web presence that differentiates your construction firm from the rest. Engaging with your audience through social media is one of the best ways to build your brand.

2. Increasing Traffic

Using social media will help direct visitors to your website and can increase interest in your business. Building and maintaining a presence on social media will boost traffic to your company’s website. Social media is one of the simplest ways to expand your web presence while still being cost effective, an important factor for many construction firms.

3. Customer Insights

Social media gives you the chance to learn more about your customers with instant online feedback. Your construction company will see comments and other feedback from customers and you will get a better perspective on your services. This will ultimately prepare your company for better customer service in the future. In addition, social media can also be used for customer insights about your competitors.

4. Community Building

The value of word-of-mouth advertising is immense, especially for construction firms. Building an online community takes word-of-mouth to the next level because it allows: potential, new, and existing customers to engage directly with your brand as well as each other.

If your company does a great job on a project for a business, it’s likely that the business will share the experience on social media, especially if you ask them for a testimonial.


Overall, social media can be a very effective and valuable tool for construction firms. Looking for a social network dedicated to construction professionals and generating leads? Job-Shack is a contractor specific social network designed to utilize key client databases to capture construction market information. Learn more at www.job-shack.com.

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