About Job Shack

Job-Shack is a contractor specific social network designed to utilize key client databases to capture construction market information. Job-Shack was built by contractors for contractors. We have an elite team of professionals dedicated to providing you the tools and resources to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Job Shack is your eyes and ears for construction projects! We not only do the legwork for our subscribers, but we put our knowledge and experience to work for them every day. We cover the entire United Sates gathering construction leads from the latest sources in commercial construction. Our reports supply you with the critical information about your future customers that you need to make sales: names, addresses, phone numbers, and contacts of builders, and businesses.

With tighter budgets and fewer contracts to be won, obtaining high-quality leads at a fair price matters more than ever. Job Shack is an established provider of quality, cost-effective construction information. Through innovation, manpower, and the utilization of today's technology, we have become a recognized leader in the construction industry.

Job-Shack aggressively pursues, reviews, and quantifies opportunities to best suit its members. Job Shack is the contractor network!